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Cheesy chicken leek and mushroom pie


2 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed

2 leeks, sliced

1 medium onion, chopped (optional)

3oz frozen peas

3oz mushrooms, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced (or 3tbsp garlic oil)

handful of basil, chopped

Ball of mozzarella, drained, sliced


2oz butter

2oz plain flour

1tsp paprika



7oz butter, cooled, cubed

14oz plain flour.

Pre-heat oven to 200c (gas 6). First off make the pastry. Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in just enough cold water to bring the pastry together into a pliable dough then chill for 30 minutes.

If you are using the garlic then add 3tbsp vegetable oil to a high sided pan over a medium heat along with the garlic, leeks, onion and mushrooms, toss in the oil then fry for 6-7 minutes add the peas and basil. Stir well remove from the heat then set aside. Add the butter to a pan over a low heat until the butter has melted then add the flour and paprika then mix extremely well. Add the milk 1floz at a time while stirring out any lumps until you have a nice thick white sauce. Pour the white sauce into the filling mixture, add the chicken then stir everything together. Place over a medium heat for 2 minutes, season with a good pinch of salt and 1tsp of pepper. Pour into a large pie dish and top with the mozzarella. Roll out the chilled pastry to the thickness of a pound coin. Place on top of the pie filling and tuck it in at the sides and corners and trim the excess. Prick 2-3 little holes in the top to let the steam escape. Cook in the oven on the middle shelf for 25-30 minutes.

Perfect on a winters night to warm the whole family up and give the house that amazing home cooked smell.




Maltesers cheescake


16oz full fat cream cheese

11oz mascarpone

8oz icing sugar

handfull of maltesers, broken

1 vanilla pod

4oz butter

7oz digestive biscuits

crush the biscuits in a large bowl but leave some bigger bits.

melt the butter in a pan over a low heat then combine well with the biscuits.

form the base of the cheesecake by firmly pushing the biscuit mix into the bottom of a spring loaded cake tin.

leave that to stand in the fridge for 1 hour or to speed this up give it 30 minutes in the freezer.

in the meantime put the cream cheese and mascarpone in the bowl you crushed the biscuits in and whisk well until light and fluffy.

bit by bit add the icing sugar while whisking until fully combined, don’t add the icing sugar all at once.

next step is adding the vanilla, for this slice the vanilla pod length ways to split it in half, then scrape the back of the knife down the inside of the pod and that black stuff is its seeds. Add this to the mixture along with the broken maltesers and mix well.

put this on top of the base then bang the bottom of the tin on the side to make sure it all gets to the bottom.

decorate with full maltesers and choco shavings and allow this to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

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